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    Junan County Qianfang Foodstuffs Factory is mainly specialized Collecting and processing all sizes of groundnuts in shells, kernels, blanched peanuts and other peanut products.
  We always keep informed of the latest market trend of peanut products in China! Our company is located in Junan County, Shandong Province , where the temperature is mild and the soil is fertile, especially fit for peanuts planting. It is one of the biggest peanut production areas in Mainland China. Because of our advantageous natural conditions and strict administration, we are able to produce first-class peanut products.
   Besides, being end suppliers, we have price advantage. That is why our products are sold well in Holland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia and the Middle East. We have received high evaluation from our clients.
In order to meet the needs from different clients, we process and export peanuts grown not only in Shandong Province, but also in Henan Province, in which our branches are. We also process and export other farming products in these two provinces such as garlic, garlic powders, garlic flakes, garlic granules, dried peppers, all kind of beans, sesame seeds, hulled sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, canned food and so on.
   We always honor our contracts, and the most important, we always produce high-quality products. We emphasize the importance of using the latest technology and expanding markets. We are willing to build long-term trade relationships with clients from all over the world.
Roasted Peanut in Shell
Peanut Kernel
- Virginia Type

Blanched Peanut Kernel
Virginia type

Granulated Peanuts

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